I Call Him My Everything

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Pharisees called Him a devil,
‘Cause He brushed their doctrines aside,
Soldiers called Him the king of the Jews,
And mocked Him as He hung and died,

Pilate called Him an innocent man,
Tried to wash blood off his hands,
The crowd called aloud that day,
Saying crucify that man,

But I call Him Father, Friend,
The Beginning and the End,

I call Him my Constant Companion,
He’s been there through the thick and thin,

I call Him when there ain’t nobody,
When it’s just me and Him,

And I call Him my everything,

Folks ’round about that village,
Called Him a carpenter’s son,
Mary called Him her baby boy,
Every evening when the day was done,

The blind man called Him, “Son Of David,
Please have mercy on me”,
He made the lame to walk and the dumb to talk,
And He made that blind man see,


Now, I called Him at an old time altar,
When I fell down on my knees,
And I called Him in the good times,
And the bad times in between,

I called Him to heal my body,
And I called Him to ease my mind,
I called Him in the midnight hour,
And He showed up right on time,